About Us

POLKA DOT STORE provide safe and responsible access to Top shelf Polkadot mushrooms for adults (18+) at very affordable prices. We operate the sole legal online store for Polkadot mushrooms and will become the provincial wholesaler of buying Polkadot mushrooms bars online UK and USA for private retail stores once a legislative framework is in place.

Over recent years we have been working around the clock to give you the best experience one can possibly get buying Polkadot mushrooms bars Building a solid reputation among medical patients and consumers who are passionate about the safe and legal use of Polkadot mushrooms bars. We sell best quality Polkadot mushrooms bars online in EU,USA,CANNADA,UK and AUS. We understand our customers for whatever reason, many have trouble purchasing from dispensaries/stores, that’s why we provide convenient access to mushrooms and related products online through our online service.